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ANOTHER elec GREMLIN rears its ugly head...

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Yet another in a long list...If any one can help or advise, it would be appreciated. Several dozen times now...When tuning the ignition key "off", the alarm will automatically sound....not always but frequent. I originally thought that I might have been accidentally pressing the "panic" button on the key when turning vehicle "on", but thats not the case. To stop the alarm sounding, I press the panic button and it stops. Very annoying to neighbors (especially late night) and scares the sh*t outa people at the gas pumps. Does anyone know what is causing this to happen? BTW...my jk has the factory alarm syst, and power door lock/ power window option.
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Your best bet is to be able to reproduce this "random feature" in front of the dealer's service guy. The CANBUS system isn't user friendly at all, so driveway diagnostics are almost non existant. Sorry to hear about your trouble, though. Good luck..
The only "random feature" I have right now is sometimes when I start it the 4WD light is on until I put it in gear. Knock on wood.
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