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ANOTHER elec GREMLIN rears its ugly head...

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Yet another in a long list...If any one can help or advise, it would be appreciated. Several dozen times now...When tuning the ignition key "off", the alarm will automatically sound....not always but frequent. I originally thought that I might have been accidentally pressing the "panic" button on the key when turning vehicle "on", but thats not the case. To stop the alarm sounding, I press the panic button and it stops. Very annoying to neighbors (especially late night) and scares the sh*t outa people at the gas pumps. Does anyone know what is causing this to happen? BTW...my jk has the factory alarm syst, and power door lock/ power window option.
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mine does it sometimes and mine also honks the horn sometimes when i unlock it (horn honk is turned off) and sometimes my pass window doesnt work. it seem smost of my gremlens turn up after i have the doors off. i cant wait to have this in 10 years when nothing electrical works and i cant fix any of it
and last nite i was goin to get my jeep at the boat launch to load up the pontoon boat and unlock didnt work and my radio was on, i had to hit unlock about 4 times and then the horn honked and it finally unlocked and all the gauges came on.
to the guy that the radio didint work- do you have a stock radio? mine does that sometimes but i have a pioneer and i guessed it was the interface i used cause if i turn the key off and back on again it always works
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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