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Annying rattle from the rear corner!!!

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I am having very annoying rattle noise from the rear left/driver side corner especially on rough roads. The same symptom is on my friends Sahara 08 2doors hardtop as well.

Tried so many things and couldnt identify the source of this rattle.....:pissed::pissed:

Any ideas guys??? Have you had something like that?
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Got the same rattle on my 08 4 door hard top. I do not that we are not the only ones. I think there is some older posts about this. No one else could figure it out either. I am learning to live with it. I first thought it was the seat belt adjuster, now I have no clue. Good luck.
Assuming that you have removed the foam inserts that are in the rear panels ( you can reach up in there and pull them out with your hand....and if you want to put them back in, they fit right back into place). Take a flashlight and look up in there to see if it looks like any wires (to licence plate light or taillight) are simply contacting the sheet metal or something. It's a long shot but maybe. (?)
Loose track bar, just a guess.
i think i have the sames noise juste near the refuel hole
this week i have watch the gas line just behind the rear left stop light

and i think the fuel line can move and make this noise

(sorry for my english;i am french)
Thanks for the replies,

It doesnt seem to be from trackbar, it's more of something related to the body,,,,, will keep on trying and update the thread once I have any progress.

I have a similar rattle. It almost sounds as if it's something loose inside the roll bar. Haven't had time to pull things apart so have been living with it.:beer:
I didn't remove the doors or the top. I suspect something where the rear defrost wires and rear wiper water hose at the corner of the hardtop.
Rattle fix

I had what may be the same rattle. I traced it to the left rear wheel well plastic. Two of the plastic components were vibrating against each other. Put a piece of rubber foam with 3m backing between them and that fixed it. The sound had seemed to be coming from the inside but it ended up being outside in the wheel well.
Had my wife drive while I sat in the back to locate it.

Hope this helps.........:beer:
Hey, in that corner of the vehicle you have the tailgate door which could rattle if the stopper is not adjusted properly (they're crap quality bolts holding it on so is possible) and also YES the fuel filler can rattle!

I went nuts with the cable ties after i removed my tail light and resolved quite a bit of noise from that corner.

Good luck
Just one more thing to check - make sure the spare tire is bolted on securely.
I learned this first hand.
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