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Find a new shop, anyone that tells you an adjustable anything is going to fix the rear camber on a solid axle Jeep is an idiot. That'd pretty much insinuate bent axle flanges and they don't make those adjustable quite yet.

That right front is a bit negative, what's spec?

Camber would pull to the side most positive however, so with your specs you have a built in slight pull to the left. So if you're having a tracking problem and it's NOT the exceptionally crowned roads in Florida [to shed heavy downpours] then I suppose I'd ensure the axles are centered under the frame. None of the alignment angles on that sheet are telling you if the axles are centered or not..

Taking a stock arm/track bar JK to get an "alignment" is a waste anyway. The only thing they can adjust is toe; which you can do with a buddy and a tape measure very accurately.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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