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Alignment Opinions

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Hey all!
I bought a 2015 Wrangler Unlimited Sport with what I think is a 4" teraflex lift with control arm drop brackets, TF HD tie rod, HD track bar, falcon adjustable steering stabilizer, Teraflex HD balljoints. New tires (285/65R18) and I have tried psi from 26-37. The issue I have is incredibly flighty/wandering steering. If I am driving I can be thrown into the next lane. I need a ton of micro corrections to stay in my lane. Going on the highway is extremely sketchy. Does my alignment look ok or is there any area that looks like it can contribute to my issues? Any comments or questions are welcome!

I believe this is the lift kit that was installed before I purchased:

Would dropping to a 3" lift help out?
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Thank you!
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Increase your caster. You might also consider a drag link flip at your height if you have not already done that.
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