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I was involved in an accident with my Jeep where I hit a tree on the front driver's side, causing it to flip onto the passenger's side. The original repairs were not properly handled and as it turns out, I've been driving on a bent frame for some time. I'm almost embarrassed to admit for how long...so I won't. ? They can't get my alignment within specs even after replacing first the steering components, then correcting the bent frame and finally replacing the axle. What else could cause this?! Could something other than an accident cause this? Should I even be concerned with these specs? Or are they acceptable? They have improved some with each repair. The repair shop said it's probably as good as it will get... My Jeep dealership thinks otherwise (based solely on looking at the specs). Thank you in advance for your input!

I'm new to this forum and am not sure how to post a pic of the spec sheet so.....

Camber: L -1.7 (red) R -1.0 (red)
Caster: L 3.1 (red) R 3.7 (green)
Toe: L 0.11 (green) R 0.9 (green)
Cross Camber F -0.8 (red)
Cross Caster F -0.7 (red)
Total Toe F 0.20 (green)
Thrust -0.18 (green)

My mechanical knowledge is at (or even below) a novice level so I'm sorry if my details are lacking.
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