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This is for an Alienware M5550-R3 laptop. I purchased the computer in 2007 and worked fine until the graphics card overheated. I pulled the graphics card and also the hard drive. Everything else on the laptop was functioning fine when the graphics card failed. I didn't attempt to fix it because my needs (CAD modelling) have exceeded the capabilities of this machine. I did pull the graphics card to inspect for damage. I found that it had melted components and determined it failed.

Here are the laptop specifications.

15.4" WUXGA matte finish screen. (No damage whatsoever to the screen)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 Ghz Dual Core Processor with a 4MB cache (capable of a 64-bit operating system)
2 GB 667 Mhz RAM (2x1 GB). I believe this can expanded up to 4 GB (2x2 GB)
Nvidia Go 7600 256 MB Graphics Card (No longer in the laptop)
8x DVD R/RW Lightscribe Drive
Intel Pro Wireless 4965 a/b/g WiFi Card
Seagate 160 GB 7200RPM SATA HD (also no longer in the machine)
1 6-Cell battery
1 9-Cell battery
120V AC Charger

The laptop originally had Windows Vista Ultimate on it. I never had problems with it (guess I was lucky). I have the software key on the bottom of the laptop and it is not in use so it is yours if you download the Vista Ultimate 32-bit operating system and burn it onto a dvd (100% legal since the code is authentic). I will also include all the recovery cd's/paperwork that came with the laptop when I bought it. The laptop will ship in it's factory packaging (including all insulation/protection).

The replacement graphics card costs $125.00 from Dell (last time I checked). You have to call and order the part. The hard drive can be replaced with virtually any 2.5" hard drive so that cost is up to you. I recommend searching newegg.com for a replacement.

Now for the price. I'm asking $75 for all the guts. Shipping will be on your dime and will vary depending on the zip code.

Now I must say this. This laptop is sold as-is. I won't take it back and I won't refund your purchase.

Thanks for reading through all this.

EDIT: I just pulled the laptop back out to check on everything. I'm having trouble getting the motherboard bios to boot on startup. It beeps and tries to run various components but I'm not getting a bios screen. Originally (prior to gpu failure) it would boot the graphics card bios and then the motherboard bios but without the graphics card it may be hanging on the gpu bios. I still think this is a graphics card issue but I wanted to include this.

Thanks again.
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