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Location of airbag sensors and drilling in my frame...safe??

So, I got the rough country winch mounting plate for my stock bumper, and thanks to my RV tow system, I couldn't mount it as I intended, so I have to grind on it and drill some holes in the frame, to hopefully make it work...(pics when I am done)..

Anyway, I did a little bit of a search on here about airbag sensors, I don't want to have fubared my airbags and die if I crash cause they don't deploy or have them deploy when I do not need them...anyway, I drilled in the frame and wanted to make sure I didn't screw anything up...but my search left me with three possibilities, can someone help me out who knows for sure....I have found that they are either in the frame but not way out at the edge, behind the grill next to the headlights, or under the front seats? What is the truth...I do not want to have damaged a sensor by poking a couple of holes in my frame with my drill...

Thanks for helping me out....:bounce:
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