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We ran a bunch of trails in and around AC yesterday.

Much to my surprise we had good weather. We pulled in at 7:30 on Friday night. There was supposed to be storm weather. It was clear, slight breeze and a temp of 55 at 7:00. I'd guess about 3 a.m. it started to rain and blow a bit. Good tent and bags took care of the whole family. By morning, the rain slowed and by 9:00 it was clear skies. The rest of the day was cooler as the breeze came in.

Great views and fun trails as usual.

The rain has CHANGED AC a bunch. We talked with some other local campers and around the beginning of the year, you could hardly get to the old mill/mine at the end of basin road. This because the river had washed all the access out of many of the usual off-shoot entrances. The following have been highly effected by the rains this year:

- The entrance to the road that runs East on the South side of the train tracks (Road that heads toward T-Bone Albright's Grave)

- Entrance to the South Spooky Canyon.

I'm sure there are more, but we ran all this at night and didn't get to watch for others.

The trail to Spooky Canyon is completely changed. The bottom part of the trail is now all smooth wash. The top part is all boulder rock and much more difficult than I've ever seen it.

The steel posts and wire rope barrier that keeps traffic out of the protected area, just West of Spooky Canyon, is all washed out. We accidentally ended up a couple hundred yards past where the barriers used to be. Too bad these are down. We respected that this are is closed to traffic, but I'm certain that others won't.

The water crossing, right next to the bridge has changed completely. It used to be more of a road and is now all Volkwagen sized hills.

The large water crossing, simply isn't. It's about 25% of its usual length and not so much as a road. The posts/barriers on each side (usually about three feet tall) are anywhere from 6" tall to completely buried. It's not a smooth road and the water was only about a foot deep. Didn't really make much sense. We thought for sure it would be really deep.
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