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I had some trouble following Step I. for the AEV Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier installation. I put these parts onto my JKU a week ago. I worked alone.

Step I.
1. Step 1. Instructions are clear – even I could follow them.
2. This step I found confusing when I read and first attempted it. However, after the installation was done, the “at the same time” instructions made complete sense. But for anyone challenged such as myself, here’s what I did, after messing with it for a couple hours:

A. I placed the L & R Tanks loosely in place and pushed the tongues of the Bumper into the frame channels – just enough to balance it from falling. Just the bumper & tanks. [ Note that first I had installed the black Vent into the top of the right tank but removed it, due to interference - to be threaded-in after the rest of the assembly was done. See “D”, below.]

B. I eased the bumper further into position, mindful of the position of the tanks, until there was enough space on the frame rail for the Rotation Bracket to be put into place on the frame channel. Likewise, the Spindle Housing onto the end of the frame rail on the right. Then I proceeded to push everything onto the frame towards its final position.

C. I had set the Handle Nut loosely into position, as the instructions said, but during the assembly process, I missed that it had tipped over. I recommend maybe using some tape or light adhesive to prevent this, to hold it vertically until the Allen Head Screws are inserted. Perhaps I misunderstood the order of assembly, but I didn’t think I could insert the screws until after the Spindle was positioned. I can locate the Clip laying inside the boxed frame (which I may correct someday*) but I didn’t put a lot of effort into trying to reposition it. In the meantime, I ran other screws from the top & bottom to keep Spindle assembly from shifting – which I believe was the intended function of the Allen screws.

* - Almost exactly one year to the date, I still have not done anything about the Handle Clip. The screws which I "temporarily" put in position are still holding the Spindle in position.

D. The Vent fitting for the Right tank can be threaded from under the wheel well – behind the inner liner – after the rest of the parts are fastened. I was able to flex the liner enough to reach in to start the threads. Once started, a wrench can be used in the gap between the bumper and fender flare. Afterwards, I put a piece of hose and routed it up towards the tail lamp.

These are great products. I have not yet plumbed the tanks, so I’ve just put tape over any openings, for the present time. Nor have I sampled operation of the Pump Assembly.

Finally, for the High-mounted Brake Light, I hadn’t bought the AEV product. So I followed the procedure outlined in another forum by which the stock lamp was cut flush at its bottom, drilled and mounted to a piece of Aluminum L-channel which was attached to the tire carrier mast with a U-clamp. The stock wire was lengthened by 12-14 inches, and reassembled into the tailgate. I wrapped the wire with black protective material and zip-tied it in place. I found the write-up with a Google search.
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