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Hello all,

I took my roof off for the first time yesterday. I love it, and my dogs love it.
I did most of the power line trail from Bend Oregon to Mt. Bachelor. The snow drifts got to be a little deep to try with out a winch and by myself. I think I will ride it tonight around sunset on my Husaberg 450 desert racer (3 million candle power soltek HID) On the bike I can get around the snow drifts with out damaging the ground around the trail.

I am removing my rear seats and making a flat floor for dogs and gear. I split it 60/40 like the seats to give me the option of taking another passenger along. I am going to have hinges on the flooring and secure boxes under the floor for guns and ammo, cameras, ect.
When I do this, I think I may get some rear half doors and create a J8 style pick up look. I think I would actually like it better than a straight pick up because I can access the storage under the floor from the sides.
Has any one installed rear half doors that has any pictures? I would really like to see what it looks like.
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