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AEV Heat Reduction Hood

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I just did a trial fit of my AEV Hood. Install is simple - get someone to help you lift the hood in to place. I'll now take it to my local body shop and get it painted.

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Here it is painted:

What's with the lightning bolt thing running through the X and T.... ;) :D

I like. I might just have to get one of those.... except mine is going to be without the Rubi sticker.

At least on yours, you are advertising something.
When on the road the airflow will keep any signficant water from entering. The center vent outflows air plus water won't be collecting while you are moving down the road.

When parked, any water collected simply drains straight to the ground between the engine and the fan/rad. But the engine compartment is not exactly designed to be a water tight environment. Water is introduced in significant amounts on a stock vehicle any way. One of a hood's last purposes is keeping water from the engine bay.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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