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AEV 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy

AEV is pleased to announce its new 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy fuel storage system for use with AEV's Rear Tire Carrier. This new product takes full advantage of the unused space both inside the wheel of the spare tire and just behind it. The result is 10.2 gallons of secure and nearly invisible fuel storage.

The Fuel Caddy also includes these great features:

1) Tough cross-link polyethylene construction. The same material as many factory fuel tanks and whitewater kayaks.
2) Fully vented OE-quality cap with large fill opening. This means radical changes in elevation are no problem and fill-ups at the gas station are fast.
3) High mounting position isolates the Fuel Caddy from trail impacts and makes it ideally suited for gravity fed fuel deployment to the main tank.
4) Built-in foot step on upper right side allows easier access to roof racks.
5) Available in high-visibility red or stealthy, low-visibility black.
6) Molded in, full-color decals clearly note the intended purpose and/or content of the tank.
7) Installs in just over an hour using basic hand tools.
8) Comes with a convenient shaker siphon for easy fuel retrieval.
For owners of AEV's Rear Tire Carrier who love to take on extended trips with big gaps between gas stations, AEV's 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy is an ideal upgrade. It safely and easily provides another 1/2 tank of gas anytime you need it without any of the storage or handling hassles associated with Jerry Cans.

Call High Country Performance 4x4 to order your fuel caddy. 303-761-7379 We are one of AEV's largest stocking retailers in the United States.
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