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Add me to the list, Please..

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I would like to start out by saying T.F.G.!
Glad to see another forum start-up, the other one is just too damn whiney for my taste!!

My name is Eric and I live in Idaho..Originally from So. Cal [Kommyfornia], Ive owned several different brands of 4x's and just added a JK Rubicon unlimited to the list. I hope to learn and add some helpful info while I visit here.
Thanks for having me.. :D
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Eric what part of Idaho? Twin Falls is 8 hours from here. We have a member in Elko area too!
Hey Michael, were in the west end of Boise, if your a local, it's pronounced something like BOY-C....:confused:
After x-mas were hoping to do some wheelin in Moab and hopefuly some neerby local stuff. :cool:
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