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ACE rear bumper....SOLD! SOLD!


This bumper is frigging bullet-proof! 1/4" thick AMERICAN steel baby! Made in the good old USA!
Fits, I believe, all Jk's.
All original hardware with it.
Breaks my little ol' heart to get rid of this but I needed to stop the tap, tap, tapping in my rear hatch door from my oversized spare hanging by the stock mount, sooooooo I found a Honorable Genuine Chinese bumper w/spare tire rack by Smittybilt on Craigslist for what seemed like a "deal". NOT made nearly as nice/beefy as the ACE.
Anywho, you can make this $700 bumper yours for the paltry sum of $400 American.
Obviously I do not want to ship this thing, as it weighs about 110 lbs., so local pick-up. I would travel a bit to meet someone, lets say 50 miles, if it makes it easier for some lucky dog to get their hands on this.

You can PM me or call me.....
I'm located in the beautiful hamlet of Hewitt, NJ :wink2:

Thanks for looking!

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