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I can't take the credit for this Idea. I saw it on the Currie Jeep on display at King of the hammers. I figured while my jeep was down it would be good to get this out of the way as well. I have the Currie Antirocks so my swaybar stays connected all of the time. If you disconnect your swaybar this will not work for you.
There is not much to this and I have been worried about my ABS wire getting caught or ripped off on a rock for a while so here you go.

You will need:
Black wire ties
Wire ties with push mounts.
Electrical wire loom
Electrical tape.

1. Remove your Front tires to make it easier to get around. Optionally you can remove your front inner fender liners to make it easier to unplug the ABS wire.

2. Remove the plastic fasteners that hold the connector to the back of the shock tower. You can see them near the frame poking through. You can push them back through towards the engine to release the connector.

3. Disconnect the electrical connector. Seeing this will help a lot. It is similar to all of the other connectors on the Jeep. Pull the red tab down and then depress the tab on the connector to release the connector.

4. Pull the ABS wire out from behind the shock tower and reroute it towards the swaybar links and the front of the vehicle.

5. From under the Jeep you will need to start peeling back the wire loom and removing the wire to gain enough slack. There is a lot of wire in there and you should not need it all. Peel it back until you are near the front body mount. You will need to remove two or three push mount wire ties to get the wires out.

6. Once the wire is peeled back far enough cover the entire wire all the way up to the connector with a wire loom. It is two wires so it does not need to be very big.

7. Route the ABS wire over the frame near the front of the swaybar.

8. Route your ABS wire up the swaybar link using zip ties to secure it. Leave enough slack for your rotor to turn. The ABS wire should run almost all the way up the swaybar to the end depending on link lengths and lift. Connect the wires back together and engage the red lock.

9. Secure the wire loom you removed from the frame under the Jeep earlier using the push mount wire ties.

It is important to cycle your suspension and turn your wheels to full lock both ways to ensure you have enough slack in the line. There is plenty of wire to accomplish this.

Here are a couple of shots of the front end after the change.

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