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When going down a hill & coming up the other side of the hilll/grade to a Stop Sign or Red Light the Brake pedal stops(15-20mph)(very hard) & ABS kick's in like on ICE but it's 90 degree's out.(always same 2 location's) Very Very spooky because it doesn't happen all the time, like Russian roulette, just don't know when the chamber has one in it. Any TSB Info would be great, I have an appointment this Friday, and they want me replicate this problem, "nope", they would have to come to work with me everyday and might not do this when they're in my JK.

Thought I would post this since there are a few people out there that have
had the exact same problem. It took 4 times at Dealer to have this resolved.
Fought with DC over this for quite a while , I did replicate the exact problem your having while the Service Foreman ride with me, he was shocked but I was happy. He contacted the Engineer out of Philly, Pa. and he made them send a new ABS Control Module with a fix already on it. This what the repair Invoice say's below
<FP Number (( 5KL74DX9-AC)) DISCRIPTION > OUTLET-HE The Tech Engineers put a fix on a new ABS Module with the same problem discribed by me and the Service Mech Foreman. Went to Campjeep no problems and back home now no problems even on the same hills going & coming from work. I'm still punchie but it seems fixed finally. If need be, have your dealer call & talk to "Scott" the Shop Foreman, My name is Jim ................reference me. Seems like this "FIX" is a well kept secret.....
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