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I have 5.13's in my unlimited rubi, auto with 35's. I'm also using it as a semi DD and just got back from a 800 mile round trip to Katemcy.

Mileage sucks, around 14 running around 2800ish at 75/80 but the responsiveness and take off are worth it to me. Offroad it crawls like beast.

I absolutely LOVE them!

If your concerned about mileage or do alot of highway driving, 4.88's MIGHT be worth it. Personally, I commute about 30 miles highway and have zero regrets. The trade off is MORE than worth it to me.

As for install, I took the gears and a overhaul install kit to my local diff shop. I didn't need to purchase anything else.

As far as I know, all the "brands" use the Superior's ie rebadged. I'm sure that will change eventually.
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