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Here is my story....
OK, drove POS cars for over 20 years...always bought the wife the new car.
Time to buy a new car/ suv... My OLD bmw (a long story) finally blew the timing chain and the wifes SUV (now 8 years old) was on the last days of the transmission... off to the dealerships.... add on window stickers... blah... then a hometown dealer 2 miles from the house.. We stop in... just looking -- salesman used to work for me as a cashier..lol...
I say.. I always liked those little jeeps.. lets take a look at one... stick or auto? me..don't really care but tired of 20 years of sticks... We have one, let me get the keys.. I took it for a drive and figured..yep.. fits me perfect. (had sat in a 4 door at rip off dealer and didn't like it.--for me) Walked past a Durango Adventurer on the way to the jeep... with 10k off the sticker. I say..so tell me about this one after I test drive the Jeep...
FAST FORWARD,,,, salesman...so what do you think. me.. OK, I will take both.
Paid cash for the durango and got 3mo NO INTEREST on the Jeep. So 16k in mods latter... IT is fun! I like the wide stance, the go anywhere, do anything attitude, the overwhelming number of personalization options... and the awesome JEEP'in community!
--Probably trade the Durango next year. lol
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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