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Short history, I got into guns in the late 90's, my first was an H&K USP compact 9. Shot at a local range and ended up working there for a while. We rented guns there, so I shot everything in the case. Glocks, Sig Sauers, Springfields, S&W, Berettas, you name it I shot it, every caliber, every gun.

I shot at least 500 rounds a week while employed there. We also had a full auto MP5 and a suppressed MAC 10.(Shhh, don't tell anyone:D)
It was there I fell in love with the 1911's. I soon joined the IDPA, and with the H&K placed 2nd in my division the first time out.

After a while I moved to the CDP division with a Springfield "Loaded" full size, still shooting well. During this time I was receiving training from the range owner, a three time world Bianchi Cup title holder. I also obtained my CWL during all this.

I eventually had a gun made for me, 1911 officer, Caspian frame and slide, accurails, Shuman Barrel, 1.5 lb trigger by the same pistolsmith that made the owners match guns. The slide action was unreal, like greased teflon ice.
At my peak I placed in the top 30 in the state matches, shooting against the likes of Bill Wilson, founder of the IDPA. Good times back then.

As of now, my collection has shrunk, divorce, job market, the usual suspects.
My main carry weapon is a Springfield Microcompact, short trigger with night sights. When I don't feel like toting the 45 I throw on either a Sig P239 9mm or a S&W model 60.

One very important thing I learned through all this is that it does no good to have a gun if you don't learn how to use it effectively. I chose IDPA over IPSC for many reasons, the main one being I wanted to learn how to think while firing. Don't get me wrong here, IPSC is a wonderful venue, but for me it was too "game-like".

At the IDPA matches, we had to draw from a concealment position. That in itself is hard to master. We also had input on the courses of fire, like house clearing, CQ shooting, all kinds of stuff. We were able to make it hard on ourselves to increase skill levels.

I always shot what I carried, 45 230gr FMJ, sometimes 185gr, unlike some of the guys that shot the light 38 supers. If you've ever seen an IPSC match, you'll notice shooters that have the ghost rings, or Holosights. Those are nice if you go out to win, but not practical on the street.

I wanted to learn how to use a "regular" gun under stress and be proficient, not only in acquire, sight, fire, but in decision making as well. I've never been shot at, nor have I ever been in the service, so I don't know what stress shooting really is. But running the IDPA courses gave me a bit of a taste for what it must be like and I feel better prepared to defend my life, more so than Joe Public that has a pistol in his dresser that he has never fired.

This was supposed to be short, so get that gun out, find your local IDPA and have fun!!
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