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Well Things didn't go as well as I would have liked but they did work out. Some back ground though. I'm getting ready to move to Turkey and I'm only allowed to take 1 vehicle with me. My wife like the old Liberty's and the new grand Cherokee and of course I wanted another 2 door JK. Plan was to get a new JK and take that to Turkey and get out debt. By the time we come back we should be debt free and able to pay cash for what my wife wants.
So we go to the dealer and I tell them what I want, that I have 2 cars for trade so the negitive equity would be bad but he has some stuff and on the lot and I should see if I like anything. So my wife and I go for a walk and she falls in love with a fully loaded deep cherry red 2012 Liberty Jet. Turns out the Liberty has a $3500 rebate that the JK does not have as part of the end of year promotions and that will hide some of the negitive equity. So we are the onwers of a 2012 Liberty. It's not the JK I wanted but I'm happy to be back in a Jeep vehicle. payments are high due to trading in 2 cars but the intrest isn't bad with my credit and it will be paid off before I leave Turkey and I will be able to buy a new Wrangler whatever the model is when I come back.
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