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78-70 Ford HP D60 and 14 bolt Goverment Surplus axle and 39.5" Iroks with Staun locks

I know this is the absolute worst time of year to sell anything and 99% of JK owners are not looking for full width axles without ABS provisions but from what I have read you can make these work for ABS with aftermarket tone rings
I have decided to sell off three Jeeps to pay for a full comp buggy
what I am listing here is a pair of axles, tires and wheels The YJ in the pic or any parts from it are for sale as well

78-79 Ford High Pinion Dana 60. This is the a very popular axle for swaps since the drivers side axle tube has more surface area for mounts and it is a king pun axle. This axle has been cleaned and primed and all stock. I was told it has 4.11 gearing but I have not pulled the cover

Goverment Surplus 14 bolt axle with Detroit locker with 5.13 gearing and disc brakes. Has YJ perches for stock YJ width and a traction bar mount welded to it. It has 0 miles on it and it was built for a girl so it's painted pink Includes 2 SS brake hoses and hard lines

These axles are close to the same width as stock JK axles I think in the 67-69" range and I believe the wheels have a 5" offset

2500.00 for the pair of axles or 1250.00 each

I can ship if needed

I also have qty 5 39.5 x 13.50 x 17 Super Swamper Irok Bias ply tires
mounted on Hummer H2 wheels with Staun internal bead locks
Tires cannot have more than a few hundred street miles on them and maybe 10 wheeling trips so they have your typical off roading blemishes on them
I will not separate these. 2000.00 OBO



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