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$600- 3.25" Rusty's Lift - Coils, Shocks, Trackbars, Brakelines, Links, Bumpstops

I am taking off my lift this week and going back to stock (probably selling the JK). I had no issues with this other than the coils being close to sway bars in front, but that was an alignment issue having to do with my TF FlexArms. It only has about 4k miles on it and it's in great condition. The ride was good and it flexed well. (You can search for reviews, people don't have many complaints on this lift). This is the Rusty's product page:


Prefer local pick up in SoCal - and I can drive up to an hour away from West LA. But, if someone is willing to pay for shipping (I have the original boxes) I can probably do that - will need to finalize depending on your location but I expect $100-$120 (still a huge savings).

$600 takes it all (over $1100 invested!).

Rusty's Basic 3.25" Lift:
-Hydro Shocks
-Front Adjustable Trackbar
-Rear Adjustable Trackbar

Front and rear extended stainless steel brake lines
Front adjustable sway bar links from Northridge
Rear adjustable sway bar links from Northridge
TeraFlex front extended bumpstops
TeraFlex rear extended bumpstops
Rock Krawler degree correction wedges for rear springs (you may or may not need depending on 2 or 4 door, I did need them on my 2 door)
JKS rear coil spring retainers

Front Springs/Shocks:

Rear Springs/Shocks:

Adjustable Trackbars:

All of the add-ons:

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Im interested....trying to work out details ill pm you when i figure it out
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