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Hey all, new guy here. Just bought my very first Jeep. 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4dr.

I want to transfer my stereo system form my Ranger to the Jeep.

I have the following components:

Fronts-HAT Imagines 6.5
Front Amp-SS Stealth 2.560 150x2
Sub-2 SA 12D2
Sub Amp-Alpine MRX-M110 [email protected] 2 OHMS split between subs
Big 3 Upgrade

It's the 6.5's that have me worried. The HAT Imagine 6.5 Woofer calls for an Infinite Baffle. I guess I could cut the back off the 6.5 Pods?

Or does anyone have a suggestion on some good component speakers that will work well in a sealed enclosure like those front pods?

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