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On their 50th Anniversary, a wife found the negligee she
wore on her wedding night and put it on.

She went to her husband, a retired AIR FORCE pilot, and
said: 'Honey, do you remember this?'

He looked up from his newspaper and said:
'Yes dear, I do. You wore that same negligee
the night we were married'

She said, 'Yes, that's right. Do you remember what
you said to me that night?'

He nodded and said, 'Yes dear, I said;
'Oh baby, I'm going to suck the
life out of those boobs and screw your brains

She giggled and said;
'That's exactly what you said. So now it's
fifty years later, and I'm in the same
negligee. What do you have to say

He looked her up and down
and replied, 'Mission Accomplished'

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Oh the debate on weather to send that to my wife or live peacefully.... :innocent:

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