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Autumn is a perfect time for every serious off-road enthusiast. Lots of mud and fun are waiting for you, but there is a catch, mud doesn't appear from nowhere, there's always rain before. So if your soft top was mercilessly torn apart from the previous time you were on your offroading trip and you can feel the drafts and moisture trickling by the scruff of your neck. Seriously, it's time to consider about buying a new 'roof' for your beast. Our brand-new selection of high quality soft tops made by the best soft top manufacturer is here for you. With a great attention to details and over the 60 years of experience, Pavement Ends design quality, durable soft tops at an affordable price. Check out our selection of top 3 soft tops and leave the rain absolutely no chance to ruin your off road enjoyment:

#1 Pavement Ends® - Sprint Top Frameless Soft Top

* Uses your Jeep’s sport bar for the drape point, creating the fastback look;
* Requires reuse of your existing soft top’s windshield channel, door surrounds, and tailgate bar;
* Includes side and rear windows, side and rear bows, hardware, and instructions;
* Compatible with factory steel doors and factory and Bestop upper fabric half doors;

#2 Pavement Ends® - Flip Top™ Complete Soft Top

* A complete soft top that comes with everything required for installation;
* Features fold back sunroof for quick open air enjoyment;
* Includes fabric, frame, header channel, windows, and hardware;
* Available in Black Denim only;

#3 Pavement Ends® - Replay™ Fabric-only Soft Top

* Replaces worn out soft top fabric and windows;
* Includes fabric, side windows, and rear window;
* Available with or without upper door skins, depending on application;
* Requires factory original hardware for installation;

For more soft top color options make sure to check out Pavement Ends Soft Top fabric color samples as well: http://www.carid.com/pavement-ends/info/color-samples.html

Would you install one of those soft tops on your Jeep? Which one?

Don't forget to fill in the PDF rebate form, to get your $50 cash back. Follow the instructions.

Offer is valid through December 31, 2015.

More Pavement Ends products can be found on the pages of our online-catalog: http://www.carid.com/pavement-ends/
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