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Ok so i have a 3 year old or so 50cc moped for sale. i had it for 2 years and it ran great. i left one semester and came back and it never worked again. when it ran, it ran great. now it just wont start. It has a new spark plug on it, im pretty sure all it needs is a new carb, and/or the electronic choke on it is out, but im not sure.

back tire is brand new and the battery is less than a year old. its kind of dismantled now, but i still have all the pieces. about an hour and maybe a good rattle can job (it's already been painted once) and they can be back on. ill put it back together for you too if you'd rather me. also, the speedometer works, but the needle is missing and the front is broken. again, i think this would be a quick fix.

like i said, i think just some time and under $75 would get this thing good as new. i just dont have the time. as is $200 obo. i can pull out the original bill of sale probably (just need to find it) if you want.

local pick up only Athens, GA


PM me
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