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I have 5 18 inch Wheels that have 4.5 inch backspacing for Sale

The wheels sell for $279 a piece new
Link to company selling them for $279 a piece

I'm selling all 5 for $300 FIRM!

The spots you see in the pic below are water

I have the center caps and locking lug nuts to go with them.

The finish "Knight Chrome" is starting to flake off on a couple of the rims. The rims are not scratched, knicked, or cracked. It's just simply the finish of the wheels that is starting to come off. My camera does not show the imperfections, so if you are interested please let me know

You can either use them as is and get a lot of compliments on how awesome they look (ask me how I know) or you can rattle can them black, bedline them, or paint them pink if you're into that.

I am in Orlando and will not ship
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