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5 minute window storage... (cheap)

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Grab yourself a blanket that will fit your windows...

Lay them out just like this..

Start at the back window and roll the blanket over the rubber end

Roll Roll Roll

Your done... I am sure there are a lot of ways of doing this, however this is the easiest way I have found to keep my windows scratch free...

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Being a redneck you already know the cheap way to roll up your windows... But I have seen a lot of jks with bent up windows cause they just throw em around... Just a great little way to store em without spending a dime..
When I still had the soft top, I did the same thing, but also got a large pvc pipe with screw caps at both ends. Slide it inside and the whole thing fits behind the seats of the 4 door. Cut right, it's very snug between the seat and wheel well.
I took an old blanket and sliced it up. I roll my window up in it and stick it in a folding chair bag. It's pretty much like the other window roll bags, just not as fancy and without the $90 hole in my wallet
I use two Army blankets...lay the windows on one, cover with second, and roll 'em up...blankets do double duty for that impending hail storm that loves to dent that tin foil JK hood. Good post.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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