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SOLD - 5 - 39 BFG Krawlers $2,000

SOLD - Selling 5 39x13.5x17 BFG Krawlers. These are the blue label, DOT approved version of this iconic tire.

These tires were produced week 6 of 2016 and have been mounted on a set of ATX bead locks since May. Four of the tires have just under 700 miles on them and the fifth tire has never been on the ground.

Don't give me too much hell but these tires have never seen the dirt so there is no rock rash or rounding off to speak of on any of the tires.

As per the pic below, the four tires all are showing 22/32 of tread while the "brand new" tire is showing 23/32.

All five tires out the door for $2,000. Please PM me for additional questions, pics, etc.

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