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I would like 5 35X12.50/17. I am currently running 33's, and I am tired of it. I need to up size and down the gas milage. :bounce:

I would be willing to trade the tires that I have (they are Firestone Destination A/T) with about... 85% tread. The spare is used actually, but it holds air and at 50% tread.

Willing to about any type 35. Just let me know. I live in Boone, NC. But can drive a little bit here and there. (Student, and school can get the best of me... Exam are going on right now, damn it).

I got about $1,000 I can put towards them, but if you would want to trade, that would be a hella lot better to. Just shoot me a PM and let me know, I will get up picks later if anyone wants any. Thanks for looking!

Oh, and shipping is NOT a deal killer. Just saying...
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