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Gear break in and brake break in are similar concepts.

Yes, they work right out of the box from the factory...but, when you CHANGE to a slightly different set up (Different ratios, different shoes or pads, etc....) they WILL mate a bit differently.

When I do an infrared shoot on a new gear set vs a broken in set...the new set ALWAYS runs hotter.

The set cools with time, hence the ~ 500 mile "take it easy" admonitions that you see so commonly.

The varied speed, and load, recommendations, are also to help (Mostly on a microscopic basis) with the mating of meshed surfaces.

I also found that its best to do the break in with good 'ol Dino juice, NOT synthetic oil.

When using the synthetics, the wear just doesn't occur in a measurable fashion at the rate it does with the Dino Juice.

So - Break in with Dino Juice, and when running doesn't heat things up anymore than normal....swap in some good stuff.

That way, the gears break in properly in the beginning, but then almost stop wearing after that.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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