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Well the jeep is officially going under the knife for the winter. the winch is goin on the JK, the tcase needs to come out so i can replace some seals, so i don't see why i can't put these up for sale officially now.

The ONLY catch is in order to sell these i need to either borrow or obtain a pair of 8 lug wheels with tires that'll fit over the calipers on the 1 tons. I don't care what shape they're in or what tires are on them. they're just so i can move the jeep in the garage if necessary.

ok, now on to the tires/wheels.

40" MTR's for a 17" rim. decent tread left

17x9 8 lug cragar soft 8's with 5" of backspacing. these were new at the beginning of the season. they have about 8 rides on them so they're still in nice shape. i know a few people were already interested. I'm sorry i had to wait this long.

looking for 750 for them together, or 600 tires/200wheels separated. but i won't sell the wheels separate until the tires are sold. open to offers as well

pics to follow
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