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hey all. Im about to lift my wrangler ( gotta love tax season)
Ive done all my research and documented it. I would love any advice .
Heres the info (sorry for the length)



This kit is supposedly one of the best on road rides, they say it performs better than stock. only complaint is it uses brackets and the stock control arms, which actually lower the arms down compared to just replacing with stronger ones. comes with bilstein 5100 shocks that are supposedly engineered specifically for this kit.


this kit is alittle more money, in all the forums they reference rock krawler as being far superior to the aev. But thats usually people who actually dont have the aev..
All parts included in this kit come with a lifetime warranty also. Only two things you need to buy separate are the bumpstops and shocks. They have cheaper versions of this kit but this is the most complete and from what ive seen people end up putting on everythgin included in this kit eventually anyways. This kit is all bolt on but they recommend welding the brackets at a few points. Also comes with brake line extentions compared to aev just using the stock brakelines with a bracket.

I was looking also at RANCHO and Rough Country but people say their springs sag or they have issues with control arms or other parts. People say they like them but eventually replace them for something stronger.

Driveshafts :

For driveshafts the three major ones are
tom woods
and j.e. real

all three are about the same price.

So to summarize, I am definitely going to go with one of the kits. Im honestly thinking spend the extra few hundred for the RK kit. I do 90% on-road right now for work, with off road almost bi-weekly for a few hours. If i get the aev, i know when my daily driver becomes my toy though i will probably upgrade anyway. Spend the money once and save the hassle.
first hand experience on road for the rock krawler would be nice. Ive read the handful of aev vs rock krawler threads but with no definite answer as to on road quality of the RK.

so the big questions :
what driveshaft company would you use and what lift would you pick in my situation.

Thanks all in advance,

Thanks for concidering RK for your build. Is your JK a 2 door or a 4 door? What size tire do you plan to run and what size tire do you eventually want to run if you are planning on upsizing your tires down the road with flat fenders or some other options?

1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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