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4:10 gears Auto/stick

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Do these come in the autos or in the sticks. Or you just have to find one that has them, I'm thinking of getting an X. Is there anything else I should look for ??
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I have a stick with 4.10 in a X, it is a 2007 model. The 4.10's were an option.
I'm a noobie here but just to reiterate the options on gears. From what I was told the 08 automatics come with 3.73's if it has the tow package...I want to say all automatic 4x4's come with the 3.73's now but I'm not sure that's accurate. You can get 4.10's in the Rubicon package I believe. Again I could be wrong.
My 07 auto, 4.10's
07 Six Speed Manual, 3.21's (I DO NOT recommend this).

I call Sixth my downhill highway gear.

If you are going manual and want even a slightly larger tire, I would go 4.10.
I just checked the Jeep website and it is only available in the Rubicon, either auto or stick. I thought it was an option for the X with the trailer package last year. Things seem to have changed since last year.
I have an 07 X Unlimited with auto and 4.10s (no towing package).
07 Unlimited X, 6 speed manual, 4:10's came with the tow package :smokin:
So, I was not remembering wrong. For the 07 it was an option for all models, not just for the Rubicon.
I have an 07 auto, 4.10's delivered feb 07 Mine came with 4.10s standard with the auto.
in 2007 is was standard with a auto, included in the tow package or an option that could be added by itself.

2008 it is not standard with the auto
08's, other than rubi's, can't get a 4.10. 3.73 is the best you can from the factory.
I'll vouche for qtay14, my 08 has manual with 3.73's
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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