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I FINALLY got a small load in! Been out for a while.

70-85% tread, mostly 2003,04 and up date codes. No drycrack. We inspect for holes and flaws and do not want to ship any bad tires! But--- sometimes something slips through that we couldnt/didnt see. These are "as is". Only warranty is I'll replace a problem tire if you bring it to the shop. That said, we have had great luck and very few problem tires.

Located in Lucerne Valley, Ca, 92356

I have 100 in stock.

Prefer local pu and cash, but will ship anywhere west of the Mississippi River (low 48) for $50 per tire, and east for $75 per tire. Biz address or local terminal for pu only. We'll only ship 4 or more per order.

$100 each! First come, first serve!

In the pic they have a little mud on them, but I will prolly spray them with the hose to clean them a bit.

I take paypal to- [email protected] or cash.

pm, call or email to place your order!!!!:beer:

760 248 6214
760 964 5123 cell



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