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I’m selling my old wheels and tires to anyone who wants to make the jump to 37s mounted on beadlocks for cheap. Please read this entire post so you understand everything that is included – there are 6 tires in total and 7 wheels.

I’m looking for $1000 and open to offers for a quicker/easier sale

I bought this set of AEV Beadlocks from a guy who ran them on his 2008 JK that had TPMS. I have an 07 JK w/o TPMS so it never mattered to me. I’m almost positive 5 of the AEV wheels still have the appropriate TPMS sensors mounted. The Black Rock wheel also has TPMS. There is only 1 AEV wheel without TPMS. The wheels are as follows

1. AEV Pintler (w/ TPMS) w/ GY MTR, about 1/3 tread

2. AEV Pintler (w/ TPMS) w/ GY MTR, about 1/3 tread

3. AEV Pintler (w/o TPMS) w/ GY MTR, about half tread

4. Black Rock Viper (w/ TPMS) w/ GY MTR, about half tread

5. AEV Pintler (w/ TPMS) w/ GY MTR, 2/32 of tread depth, uneven wear on the tire but still holds air fine and has some life left, broken metal valve stem (easy fix)

broken valve stem in this pic.

6. AEV Pintler (w/ TPMS) w/ GY MTR – hole in the sidewall of tire (maybe can be vulcanized?) – about half tread depth; wheel is missing a few bolts, minor rock rash

Pic with a piece of paper inserted in the hole

7. AEV Pintler (w/ TPMS) wheel and beadlock ring only – no hardware; this wheel had a minor crack and AEV replaced it free of charge. The wheel still holds air fine (I had planned to use this wheel as my spare before a buddy sold me the 37 mounted on the black rock wheel for cheap – you just need a new hardware kit from AEV), some rock rash.

I also have 4 of the yellow center caps; just decided not to use them.

You could move these tires around and have a set of 5 completely functional 37s on beadlocks – it just takes dismounting the 1 MTR from the black rock wheel, mounting it on the AEV wheel w/ the trashed tire, and installing a new valve stem on the almost bald tire to run as a spare. You can do that, and sell or scrap the extra Black Rock and AEV wheels to make some money back!

I’m located in Philly and can meet anywhere within a reasonable distance.
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