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I posted this a few months back on another forum and just found this one so thought i would share. I changed rear bumpers now so need to re-do this in my Rock Hard 4x4 set up.

I really like the look of the LED back up lights on the OR-FAB rear bumper and thought i would have a go at duplicating the look on my stock rear bumper. As it turned out this was super easy and should work on any JK 2 or 4 door.
The lights run under $40 shipped and its about a bucks worth of wire and tape.

Step one, invite a few friends to work on their jeeps too.

I made a template so i could duplicate the angle on both sides and started with a hole saw in my pilot holes

You use a hole saw so you get the curve at the end of each of the lights. with the 2 holes cut it looks like this.. Its a 2-1/2 inch hole saw by the way.

Draw straight lines to the edges of each hole and use a sharp knife to score then cut out the plastic between then. You should end up with something like this.

I ran my power to both rear lights from the left side, Its where my trailer wire hitch is connected in behind the rear lamp. Drill a small hole in the upper left of the inside of the bumper and pass the wire thought (you can reach thru the whole you just drilled to mount the light to do this) , then up into the rear fender well where the light connections are..

Make a electrical ground against you rear door latch on the inside of the rear fender and run the hot wire to the back up light, your connecting it to the white with a green stripe wire.

I'm not a fan or snap on connectors so i solder all my connections and tape them up.

I also run wire wrap along all the wires so there is next to no chance they will get frayed over time, this just slides on and is about $4 for a 12 foot length and your local Harbor Freight.

The lights have rubber grommet surrounds that presses into the hole that you cut, then the light presses into the gromit sealing the whole thing up.. The end result is this.

You could also mount them flat (not at an angle) or sloping the other way, away from the rear tire, but thats totally up to you. If anyone wants any more info just post here or drop me a line and i can let you know where i got all the supplies too.

30 min start to finish for this easy quick mod and they are SUPER bright. (the day time photo does not do it justice)
To make it super cool you could also run a 12v hot wire from the front of the jeep to the light and add a relay, the power draw is so low with this its a relay is not necessary as is, but this would give you the option to add a switch in the cab to be able to turn these on for camping, hooking up a trailer or anything else where you need some more rear light.

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