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Saturday was a sad day for the Discount Tire Team as it was the last day of the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks. This year was once again the best ever with so many people and vendors in attendance. We had a blast catching up with our old friends and making some new ones. This year there was approximately 65% new people at the event.

The Discount Tire crew were scheduled to run the Hell's Revenge which is one of our favorites because of the sheer beauty and the red slick rock moonscape type of terrain.

Since Eric broke his front driveshaft on Porcupine Rim the day prior, we decided it was not a good idea to go on the group trail ride with just rear wheel drive. We thought his General could make it with the Patagonia SXT tires but we didn’t want to chance breaking something else and holding up the group.

We met up with the trail guides at the Arena and explained the situation and let them know one of the guys from Trail Armor would fill in to help if needed. It’s always nice to have friends help out when something unexpected happens.

The Trail Guide had their morning talk with the drivers and handed the meeting over to Eric where he explained our situation and gave them some advice about tire basics, such as airing down tires for better traction. After a brief talk, everyone was handed out a cool Discount Tire dry bag with goodies inside such as a low-pressure air gauge and an awesome dust mask - among other things. These bags have been a big hit and in high demand all week!

After the group set off for the ride the Discount Tire team headed off to the Arena to start breaking down the booth and loading up the remaining tires/wheels and displays. After everything was loaded we decided to go out to Hell's Revenge with the whole team to see if we could catch up with the group that left earlier. With the extra side by sides along to help if needed, Eric wanted to test the traction of his Patagonia SXT tires with just 2-wheel drive.

As Eric approached the first steep trail there was a bit of apprehension, but with good throttle control he sailed to the top with ease. The second climb is even steeper and longer but it was no match for the Patagonia SXT tires as they had no problem getting excellent traction.

With no sign of the group in sight we took a few photos of our side by sides with the amazing 360° background. You can take a photo in any direction and be in awe.

We continued on the trail but never caught up with our group. I was very impressed with the traction of the Patagonia SXT tires provided in all the different terrain we encountered. There was never and an obstacle that gave us any trouble what so ever.

You may have seen some of the other RZR’s we had in the booth during the Rally which had Method wheels with 33" Tensor DS and BFG T/A KM3 tires. All the tires and wheels delivered solid performance on the trails.

We hope you have had as much fun as we did! If you didn’t have a chance to attend, hopefully you will make reservations for next year as we believe this is one of the best family friendly events in the country!

Remember, always help anyone that needs it, never leave anyone on the trail, have fun and buy all your tires and wheels at Discount Tire - we'll see you next year!!!

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