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Hey guys,

My wife is used to driving her Toyota Sequoia, and we bought this Jeep to have an additional family vehicle that we could use to explore our favorite places in Colorado and Utah. We've enjoyed it, but it's too small for our family to enjoy on a day to day basis, unfortunately. So, we're considering selling it. It's a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon with fully painted black exterior including the hardtop and stock fenders. It's also black leather inside. We purchased an 8 year/125K mile fully transferable extended warranty with $100 deductible for $2,175.00. We live in TN in the winter and Iowa in the summer, and some of the parts are in both places, unfortunately. Here's what's in Iowa right now:

- Stock Soft Top - Never Used
- Stock Fenders
- Stock crossmember
- Some boxes from the dealer I assume are involved with the soft top that we've never opened.
- stock tires and wheels with less than 1K miles on them

The Jeep is currently at our house in East TN and has the following aftermarket parts installed, which were installed by Side Road Jeep Supply in Iowa:

- MetalCloak Aluminum Hardline Fenders - $1,395.00
- MetalCloak Aluminum Front Inner Fender Liners - $278.00
- MetalCloak Skid Plates - $1299.00
- MetalCloak Fender to Grill Reinforcement - $64.00
- MetalCloak Rear Coil Spring Spacer - $39.00
- MetalCloak Rear Coil Spring Alignment Correction/Retainer - $69.00
- MetalCloak Front Coil Spring Spacer Set - $39.00
- MetalCloak Front Lower Control Arms - $335.00

- Rubitrux Maximum-3 Winch Plate
- Rubitrux Maximus Red Winch Hook Anchor - $54.99
- Rubitrux Maximus-3 Filler Trim Plates - $59.99
- Rubitrux Maximus-3 Front Bumper End Caps - $49.99

- Warn Zeon 12-S Platinum Winch - $2,063.98
- Factor 55 1.5" Aluminum Fairlead - $94.95

- AEV Rear Differential Slider - $280.00
- AEV 2" Spacer Lift - $285.00

- Hothead Headliner & Side Panels with Sound Assassin - $428.99

- Bartact Paracord Grab Handles - $108.97

- Rock Hard 4x4 Evap Canister Relocation Kit - $129.95
- Rock Hard 4x4 Bolt-On Rear LCA Skid Plates - $69.95

- RotoPax 2 Gallon Gas Can - $79.95
- RotoPax LOX Pack Mount - $54.95

- Teraflex Hi-Lift Jack Mount - $97.99
- Teraflex Rotopax Mount - $29.99

- Daystar Poly Hood Latches - $28.61

- Discount Tire with Road Hazard - (5) 35x12.50x17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers $2,078.93

- ATX Hub Centric Aluminum Wheels - (5) $882.00

- Rigid Industries 20" RDS-Pro Lightbar - $957.99

- Superchips TrailDash 2 - $611.95

NADA has the Jeep worth somewhere between $38,400 Trade-In to $40,725 Retail. With the parts and labor of all the installed options, we're listing it for sale for $49,900. That's close to half the cost of the mods we've installed, which I've always thought was fair when buying and selling modded vehicles. If we can't get that amount for it, we'll just keep it and buy another family vehicle. We enjoy it when wheeling, but for day to day use, it doesn't fit our needs as well as we'd like.

Now, the Jeep is black, so it has pinstriping down both sides. The paint quality on these Jeeps is one of the worst I've ever seen on a vehicle I've ever owned. It's been wheeled once in Moab, UT, twice in Ouray, CO, a few times at Windrock in TN, and a couple of times at Miobi in IA. The sliders have been used on the rocks, and the front and rear bumpers probably have scuffs on them from hitting or falling off of rocks. The under carriage is fully protected by MetalCloak armor and AEV and RockHard skid plates. I also noticed that on our recent trip to Miobi, the front steering dampener's protected boot is messed up. The interior is in perfect shape and everything on the jeep functions just as it did in stock form.

That's all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I've got a lot more pics of it, so just message me if you want to see the rest.


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Put it back to stock and trade it in. Sell the parts for 50%. The mods you have done are basically worthless as far as adding real value to a jeep. Even motor swaps and tons only add about 50% of their cost to the value of the jeep if they are done right. Good luck.

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yup. Like thedirtman said, you might be better able to get some type of acceptable return if you install everything as close to how you got it as possible then sell it.
Yours is nice but you'll be lucky to get 30 grand for her in this oversaturated market.
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