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Engine gets extremely hot, radiator shows no signs of circulation changed out thermostat and still have same problem.
You won't see the circulation by taking off the radiator cap and looking inside.

Have you used an OBD-II reader to read the actual temperature? What is it? Is the fan coming on? The fan should be spinning pretty fast to the point you would hear it loudly if it's getting hotter than normal.

Have you confirmed that the system is full and you don't have an air pocket trapped in the engine? There's a bleeder on the thermostat housing.

Is the radiator overflowing into the overflow tank? Normally it would be a sign of overheating but could also be a sign of a blown headgasket if it keeps pushing cooland into the tank.

Though I don't think it's an issue with the 2017 models, there have been issues with casting sand from teh engine plugging up the radiator and heater core. Another thing that could plug up the radiator is if the older OAT coolant was mixed with the HOAT cooland in the later models. You can check the radiator for cold and hot spots by hand if you're careful and remove the fan. You'll want to maintain some air flow from the front of the radiator. Be careful not to get your hand or clothing caught in the drive belt.

Going forward you probably want to follow forum rules. This should have really been more like your second or fourth post.
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