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2016 JKU all over the road, steering problems, white knuckle ride

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Steering just feels lost and white knuckle going down the highway. Its very hard to explain but its borderline terrifying. I've checked everything and replaced a lot, also added support/relocation brackets as described below. I've played with tire pressures ( no noticeable difference from 28 -35 psi). I've made slight improvements with replacing parts and adding brackets but cant get it to feel right and am about to use this POS for target practice!!!!!

  • 2016 JKU lifted by previous owner. I am guessing 3-3 1/2"
  • 35 x 12.5 tires on 20" rims
  • Aftermarket adjustable track bars ( good shape and axles positioned correctly)
  • Front track bar bolt replaced and track bar brace and sector shaft brace installed
  • Factory control arms but Rancho upper control arm relocation brackets installed (RS82103) with upper control arm in the 3rd hole from the top...so caster is well within spec
  • 1/8" Toe in
  • New tera flex ball joints
  • New drag link
  • Falcon 3 setting steering damper

All joints checked for slop by placing my hand across the joint with someone cranking the wheel side to side and no deflection at any joint . Just did this again today

Whilst adjusting my toe I noticed that when I roared the tie rod ( rotation within the range of the joints) it causes both wheels to turn slightly (one direction when I rotate it up and the opposite when I rotate it down down).As stated above there is no deflection across either tie rod end and the only movement is what is designed into the ball. I have a great video but it wont let me upload it.......has anyone got and insight into this?
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OP, calm your tits. You have world class talent trying to help you and you are being a bit of a peen.
thedirtman is not feeding you a line of shit. He is trying to help you.
Your move...Are you going to calm your tits or block me????
I can't say I have never banned or blocked anyone for having an opinion, even someone like you.
I will tell you that you need to stay on topic or I'll happily close the thread and this place will move right on along with or without you or your opinions.
Again, thedirtman is trying to help you and yes, he knows more than you. You should try paying attention.
My sole effort has been to stay on topic....you should try reading an entire thread before further deviating even from the topic!!!!!
I'll certainly do that. My point was that getting a differing opinion that opposes your knowledge and background may be exactly what you need here.
(As a mod, picking a fight will only get me the boot : ) )
OP, I was re-reading your thread - you said you had a video you were unable to attach - do you have it on Youtube or some service? You cannot attach a local video file, which stinks. You need to link to it vs attaching it. Let me know if you need it posted on YT and have it linked here.
1 - 4 of 74 Posts
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