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2014 JKUR - Bushwacker Flats - No Lift - Stock Tires

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Here is a picture of my 2014 Unlimited Rubicon with Bushwacker Flats, stock Rubicon wheels/tires and no lift. 35's are going on next week. Thought I'd share this look before putting the 35's on in case anyone is considering flats and short tires. I purchased the Bushwackers from David at Northridge 4x4. Great price and service. More pics at txjeepers.com

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Nice. Got pics with the 35s yet.
More pics here txjeepers.com

Mine rubs big time in the rear with no bumpstops. I thought maybe based on Bushwackers blog I wouldn't (search 'bushwacker blog rubicon 35's' and you'll find it) rub but do. I'm getting a lift anyway. I just wanted/hope to do as little bumpstop as possible.

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How much bump stop do you need?
I've installed some one inch bump stops that I had left over from previous JK and that helped reduce it along the top, but still contacts around the pinch seam area of the Bushwackers and up. Maybe a 6 inch patch. Going to see about getting someone with welding skills to help me increase these bumps that I have to 1.5" and try that. I have a feeling though that I might end up with 2".

Before the one inch bump stops.

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