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September 21 and 22
Fort Harrison State Park
Indianapolis, IN
Volunteer registration link (http://jotform.us/form/31954001518145)
Please Note: There are two registration forms – the 4x4 Rides volunteer registration form and the DNR activity provider registration form. After completing the link above you’ll be automatically redirected to the second form. Sorry for the double registration requirement – it’s a DNR requirement to fill out theirs but they don’t ask the right questions we need to plan the event!
4x4 Rides!
Once again, the Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association (IFWDA) and our partners at the Indiana DNR and the local host club JPFrog Offroaders, will be providing 4x4 Rides during the Hoosier Outdoor Experience. We are looking for volunteers, drivers, and vehicles to make this event a success!
What is this event?
The Hoosier Outdoor Experience is Indiana’s largest, hands-on outdoor recreation event. Featuring more than 50 activities and 120 grassroots partners, this free weekend provides opportunities to learn about the great Indiana outdoors. (http://www.in.gov/dnr/5009.htm)
We will be giving guests a short ride around a dirt trail. The trail has a few “obstacles” in the form of bumps, rocks, and a few little hills. Not extreme 4-wheeling, but enough to give folks new to the sport a taste.
How can I help?
We have lots of opportunities! The biggest need is for vehicles and drivers. We expect to give HUNDREDS of rides throughout the weekend. To keep the lines short, we need to keep a steady stream of vehicles moving around the trail. Roughly a dozen vehicles should be going at any one time, and a few more “in reserve” will give other drivers a break. We will have two 5-hour shifts on each day, and you can sign up for one or more. See below for driver and vehicle requirements.
What if I don’t have a vehicle? Can I still help?
Of course! We also need volunteers to help with crowd control, loading and unloading (we’ll have a step stool for the taller trucks), trail maintenance, hospitality and volunteers to work our tent. The tent will have a sign-off form for the riders, and information about off-roading in Indiana.
What are the vehicle requirements?
Pretty standard stuff, with a few special requirements for this event. First, we prefer open-top vehicles (Jeeps, Suzukis, H1’s, etc...), especially if the weather is nice. Other unique and interesting vehicles would be great. ANY 4WD vehicle is welcome. Seating for 3 passengers is preferred, though 2-seaters will be put to use. Other requirements:
• Functional seat belts or harnesses for ALL passengers MUST be worn while moving.
• Roll-over protection (cage, bar, or steel roof) over all passengers
• No open headers
• Vehicles may be subject to a brief safety inspection by IFWDA and/or DNR. Any vehicle deemed unsafe will not be allowed on the trail.
How do I volunteer?
In an effort to keep this event coordinated, one of IFWDA’s local clubs (JPFrog Offroaders) is managing the logistics. REGISTRATION LINK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Contact Jeremy Herring or Ryan Sweany for more info.
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