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Thought it might be helpful to put this info out there: while the dealer had our vehicle replacing the cylinder head I asked them to check if the 730N Media Center had any software/firmware updates that needed to be applied?

We had a rather lengthy conversation about this that ranged from the "why do you need the radio updated?" etc. In conclusion the dealer told us the radio had the latest greatest software on it.


We had discussed a lot of the radio's shipping with firmware version 1.920.

Our radio had software version 2.110.

Apparently there is a software version 2.120 available here:


I just finished installing it and it does work.

(*) To find out if your radio is out of date simply go into the menu system and find the version number installed. (*)

Here's what you need to know:

1. Don't try downloading the zip file; the guy's account doesn't have anymore download credits.

2. Don't download the .iso file; it reported being corrupt and wouldn't install.

3. Download the orginal .rar file that was uploaded.

Once you get the .rar file downloaded (it's big, over 2 gigabyte) you'll need a software program to extract it.

Unlike Zip Files, .Rar files are proprietary and Windows can't extract them without additional software.

Don't pay for Winrar to do it. Download the free software 7 Zip here:


Tell 7 Zip to extract the software to a folder.

You should end up with a folder that is 2.16 gigabyte.

I burned only the contents of that folder as a data DVD.

The files and folders shown in the screenshot.

Don't make the data DVD bootable.

After you get the DVD made make sure you have the ignition on or the engine running where's the no chance you can lose power to the radio while the update is being applied. That will trash the radio if that happens. It's the equivalent of losing power to your computer while applying a bios update. If something does go wrong; just feign ignorance at the dealer and don't mention you were updating the radio.

With power to the radio all you have to do is insert the DVD and it will pop up screen with your software version number and version number of the update disk.

In our vehicle we had version 2.110 and the update showed 2.120, so we selected yes, update the radio. It took about 15 minutes.

The first thing the radio will do is verify that the files on the DVD are accurate, then it will reboot and start to apply the software patch.

When it's done; the system will tell you that it's rebooting and I ended up at the A.M radio screen.

An important note here: After the update was successfully applied, the radio read the DVD again because it was still in the drive and asked if you would like to apply software update 2.120 to 2.120? Choose no, because you've already done that and remove the disk.

I can't tell you what all this patches, but you can probably find it on the site where the update comes from or the MyGig site. But I like having the latest firmware regardless of whether I needed it or not.

From what I've seen though, I didn't find anywhere on the MyGig site that allowed you to download these patches for this $1,845 hunk of electronics...

If you need any help post your question and I'll try to answer it for you.

Also, my radio didn't prompt, but I saw one post on the web that someone said their radio asked for a security pin number before allowing the update. Someone wrote they entered 1234 and that worked.

Happy updating!

As usual; if you want something done and done right, the moral of "do it yourself" still applies.


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It didn't occur to me to try it, but you may be able to install this update using a USB flash drive.

Please post the results if anyone is able to successfully do that?
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