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2012 JKUR Dozer - Let the mods begin!

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Actually, I guess that title is a little misleading. I've done a few smaller things already: Quadratec Ultimate floor liners, some Rugged Ridge grab handles here and there, and a Carolina Metal Masters custom black anodized billet grab handle with Ram Mounting Systems 1" ball mount (for iPhone / iPad mounting, which I love!). But the best mod so far has been the Star Fabricating Smart Door Stops. My driveway is on a pretty significant slope, so the doors were just a pain. Then my wife had emergency surgery mid-July to remove a massive tumor that had almost blocked, and had perforated her colon. So a door swinging back on her was just not going to be a good day. Yes, it was cancer, but she's doing fine now and tolerating the chemo exceptionally well. Now, back to the Jeep.

So, recently got some 37" MTR/Ks from vfireman309 over on Pirate 4x4 and settled on some black MB 72s to mount them on until I can save the money to go with either Hutchinsons or the HMMWV wheels from TrailWorthy Fab. Mock up is below.

Of course, that's at factory ride height. AEV DualSport SC 4.5" lift is on its way as of this morning and should be here Wednesday. It's anybody's guess when I'll be able to get to the installation, but it will be as soon as I can squeeze it in. I'll put up some pics whenever I do.

There will be upgrades to the suspension in the future - like I'm leaning heavily toward the Metalcloak control arms for their DuraJoint - but for now this made the most sense for me, all in all.

Although I haven't posted much here, I've spent a lot of time following different threads and learning everything I can from the information here, as well as on Pirate. Thanks to those who put the site up, and to all who have made it the quality resource that it is.

Edit: Running List of Upgrades and Modifications (updated as things change or I remember something :) )


Quadratec Ultimate Floor Liners (Front, Rear, Cargo)
MOPAR Entry Guards
Star Fabricating Smart Door Stops
Black/Coyote Paracord Grab Handles
Molle Panels (Fender Wells & Tailgate / Drop-Down Table)
Poison Spyder JK Bolt-In Cage Kit
Poison Spyder C-Pillar Kit
Carolina Metal Masters JK Billet Grab Handle & RAM Mount
Bestop Quick Disconnects For Soft Top Bows
Smittybilt JK Rear Security Storage Vault
SuperChips TrailDash
ARB 50 qt. Fridge/Freezer


Quadratec Manual Mirrors (For When Doors Are Off)
Crown Automotive Mirror Relocation Brackets
Teraflex HD Hinge
Teraflex Adjustable Tire Carrier
Custom Garage-built Stinger Front Bumper
Custom Garage-built Rear Bumper
Poison Spyder Aluminum Crusher Flares
Truck-Lite LED Mini Marker Lights
Truck-Lite LED Headlights
Poison Spyder Aluminum Brawler Rockers
Poison Spyder Crusher Corners
Truck-Lite 4" LED Tail Lights.
Poison Spyder LED Backup Lights with Adapter Harnesses (at corners and in bumper)
Poison Spyder 50” LED Light Bar Windshield Mounts
LED Warehouse 50" Dual Row Light Bar
AEV Gen 2 Snorkel

Suspension / Tires / Wheels

AEV DualSport SC 4.5”
Goodyear Wrangler MTR / Kevlar 37x12.50R17
MB Wheels 72 (Black) 17x8.5, 5x5, -6mm offset
Synergy Tie Rod
Synergy Drag Link
Synergy Ball Joints
Synergy Front Adjustable Track Bar
Synergy Track Bar / Steering Sector Shaft Brace
Raceline Monster Beadlocks, 17x9.5, 5x5.5, (Black w/ Polished AL Ring) (Not yet Installed)

Engine, Exhaust, & Drivetrain

Sierra Gear 5.13s
Poison Spyder D44 Bombshell Diff Covers (2nd gen.) w/ custom Dozer painted Spyder's
Ten Factory Rear Axle Shafts
BR6 Heavy Duty Front Brakes
TeraFlex Rear Big Rotor Kit
Hawk Performance LTS Brake Pads
TeraFlex 241OR 2 Low kit (2 Wheel Drive Low Range)
Adams 1310 Front Driveshaft
Wicked Flow (MagnaFlow clone) 14" Muffler (in place of resonator. Includes OEM Muffler delete and custom tailpipe)
Supertrapp 5" Disc Only Exhaust Tuner/Spark Arrestor
RCV Front Axle Shafts (Not yet installed)
SpynTec Conversion Front Lockout Hubs (Not yet installed)


Yaesu FT857D All Band Mobile Amateur Radio (Remotely Mounted)
Yaesu ATAS-120A All Band Mobile Active Tuning Antenna System (Optional Antenna for HF/VHF/UHF)
Yaesu FC-40 Automatic Antenna Tuner
102" Stainless Steel Whip (HF Antenna)
Kenwood TH-215A 2 Meter Handheld
Kenwood TH-415A 440 Mhz Handheld
Uniden Pro 538W CB Radio
FireStik 48” CB Antenna
Rugged Radios RRP660 Intercom (3 H-22 Headsets, 1 H-15 Headset)
Rugged Radios Billet (Black) Tube Mounts


Hi-Lift Xtreme in Custom Carrier (Mounted to Teraflex HD Hinge)
Smittybilt 3x30 30K Recovery Strap
(4) ¾” Screw Pin Shackles (Working Load Limit 6 1/2 Tons Per)
Warn Zeon 10-S 10,000 lb. Winch with Synthetic Rope
Factor 55 Pro-Link (Orange)


PowerTank 10#
Fire Extinguisher, 5# (with PowerTank Mount)
First Aid (Molle IFAIK Bags - 1 Minor Trauma, 1 Major Trauma, Field Surgical Kit)
Max Axe (Military Surplus OD Green)

On the Wish List:

Artec Industries:

Rear Truss
Front Armor Kit (Truss, C Gussets, Track-Bar Mount)
Belly Pan


Duroflex Control Arms (Maybe Lock-n-Load Long Arm Kit)

Poison Spyder:

Inner Fenders (Maybe. Not settled on this. Maybe ACE Engineering.)

Rugged Ridge Heat Reduction Hood (Maybe)
SPOD? (Also considering SwitchPros SP-8100)
Cube Lights (flood pattern) for lower windshield corners
LED Fog Light replacements (JW Speaker or similar).
Corbeau Baja XRS Front Seats
TrekArmor Seat Covers (Maybe. Rear only.)
Tuffy or similar under-seat drawers.
AFE Y-Pipe With Loop Eliminator Down Tube or Magnaflow equivalent
Rear Drive Shaft as needed.
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Thanks guys. I like the brighter colors too. Although I really like a military themed Jeep and that's kind of hard to do in bright yellow-orange!

My wife's doing really well and prognosis is for a full recovery. She had a lot of complications because the tumor was so advanced. Was in the hospital for 21 days trying to get rid of the accompanying infection, and correct the collapsed lung from the invasion of the tumor and abscess below it. But that was late July and early August. Lots of water under the bridge since then and she is more "herself" now than she has been in probably 3-5 years. It's strange to think back about things that were going on and realize it was not something minor, but the effects of cancer attacking and depleting her body.

We're actually at the chemotherapy treatment center right now, getting treatment #4, so she is 1/3 of the way through the process. They're probably going to do some radiation after that's done, but its all precautionary at this point. They think they got all of the tumor and that it has not spread. We're certainly thankful for that, and for the concern of those who have expressed it.
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Half lifted

Was able to carve out a weekend, and got started on the lift tonight. There's a crappy iPhone night shot using a work flood for light in My Garage if you wanna see. Here's the link: http://www.jkowners.com/forum/dto_garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vehicle_id=1717 :thankyou:

Definitely going to have to trim the pinch seam and Rubi Rails. I've got about 3/8" between the tire and the rail at ride height. :cwm13:

Tomorrow we do the front. My 17 year old and 12 year old daughters are helping with the lift, but tomorrow it will be just me and the 12 year old. Looking forward to some great memories from this. I love the fact that my girls are a part of it. :)
How do you like me now?

OK . . .


Half Lifted (sorry for the crappy picture):

Mostly done, just have a few details to wrap up -- final torques, reprogram PCM, trim pinch seams, mod Rubi Rails . . .

Only problem is now the step is almost at my wife's waist! (She's little, only 5'-1".) I guess I'll have to pick her up and set her in her seat until I can come up with a solution I like. Oh well, that's not so bad. ;) Maybe she can :bounce::lol:

So here's a better one, maybe my new avatar?
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Just installed my new Teraflex HD Hinge and Adjustable Carrier today. Write-up at http://www.jkowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=84437.
Thanks J1000. She's doing really well. Has her next treatment on Tuesday and then will be half-way done. We've been really blessed the way the whole situation has gone.
Took some time yesterday and went out to Carnegie SVRA to play a little in 4x4 and get some fresh air. The wife and I just needed to be able to let down and think about something else for a while. It was a good time and I finally got the chance to flex out the suspension. Hadn't had the opportunity since lifting it, so it was time well spent as well as having some fun. Was a beautiful day, so we got some pics as well.

Last one is out at Lake Del Valle. Pretty much had the place to ourselves except for the Canadian geese. The dog loved it.

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Easy & Cheap 3rd Brake Light Solution

Had this idea almost as soon as I installed my Teraflex HD Hinge and Adjustable Mount. Turns out it worked great! The holes in the MB 72 wheels are perfect for installing a 2" Marker Light with the Rubber Grommet. I've got less than $30 in 4 (!) of the marker lights with grommets and pigtails. (I bought spares, and may use a couple of them on my M101a2 expedition trailer project. Also had originally thought about using two for the CHMSL on the Jeep, but I may just stick with the one.) Let me know what you think!

Just used Scotch-Locs to tap into the OEM wiring after snipping the loom in a couple of places. Then taped it up good so it's protected from water.

Installed closeup ^^ and lit vv

Could also be done in the center hole if I cut a circle in the mounting adapter plate and installed the grommet there. But I intend to relocate the license plate to the spare, so the center location is out.

Unfortunately, I can't find a rotation of the spare that places one hole precisely at vertical. I can rotate it where 2 are horizontal at the top of the circle and that's why I was initially thinking about using 2 lights. What do you guys think?
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No opinions on the brake light question?
Looks worse in the lit up pic than it seems in person, but then I haven't driven behind it either. May have to just go ahead and add the second one.
Thanks 08. I had a local shop mount and balance the tires so no problem for me lol. But if you look at that second pic of the brake light install, you can see a boat load of lead stickies inside that wheel! I got 4 of the tires from a guy on Pirate and they had ~ 5000 miles on them, so a little wear pattern showing up. The spare in that pic was a brand new tire and I think it's the worst! All new wheels, so shouldn't be any damage issues there. Can't find any info on the weight of the wheels. Thought I had saved the boxes and might find something on the shipping label, but they appear to be long gone. I'll have to ask the kids tomorrow if they can remember. Dad's memory is getting a little hazy. :)
Thanks newmango. I thought it was kinda cool. What Trembley said about it being off-center got to bugging me worse, so I went ahead and rotated the spare, then added the second light.

And just for grins . . .
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Thanks meshelz. One seemed like a good idea at the time, just didn't turn out as well as I imagined it, lol. I'm happier with the two.
What's a guy to do? It was the only one the dealer would let me order. :D
best wishes for the wires recovery and recoup

second how does it ride now? how do you like the 37's and its ride?

Im looking to do the same thing, mine came with 35's from the dealer so I have no idea how it is supposed to ride stock. I hear its the same or better with a real lift anyhow (just has spacers on mine now)
AEV claims it's a better ride than stock. Hard for me to say where the fault lies - tires or suspension - but that hasn't been my experience. Never had 37s before so maybe it's just part of having that much more sidewall squirming around, but it can be kind of a handful to keep it pointing where you want it. I've nut & bolted it twice since I installed the lift so i know everything is torqued to spec and nothing is moving around on me. Honestly, if I were going to make this my primary daily driver, I'd probably go back to 35s. But IMO the wheelbase of the JKU makes 37s a better choice for the trails I want to run. It does brake crazy flat though. There's hardly any nose dive at all. And it corners fairly flat for a lifted rig as well. Really my only issue is that it's just kind of hard to keep in a straight line. Also, I have the 4.10s so it does OK on the factory gears. I'm thinking pretty hard about going to 5.13s though, to get things back down to where they belong.

Edit: after several months on the used MTR/Ks I bought first, I found myself needing tires for my expo trailer and picked up 3 new 37x12.50R17 MTR/Ks, swapped the brand new spare to the ground along with the three new ones, put one of the used ones at the spare position and dedicated the remaining three used ones to the trailer. (It gets its own spare.) Suddenly it drives like new with no wandering, etc. My conclusion is that the problems I described above were actually caused by the wear pattern on the used tires. In addition, the extra weight I have add in bumpers, gear, and armor since then have made the AEV suspension smooth out like butter. Couldn't be happier with the system now.
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Nice rig, i have the same trailer, boy are those heavy.
Thanks Bill. I love the trailer. It's just the right size IMO and the track width is virtually identical to the JK. Also, its weight rating is perfect for the trailer weight rating on my JK (Max Tow Pkg). I've not pulled it a lot with the tarp and bows on, but without them, I hardly know it's behind me. I know lots of folks say that about their 34' goosenecks, and whatever, but it's true about this. I can forget it's behind me on the freeway -- which is an especially bad thing here in CA, as you know.

It is a little heavy to move around by myself, but I can do it if it's not on too much of a slope. I've been making plans for putting it on a diet though because I intend on adapting it to expedition / camping use, but also leaving it so I can also use it as a utility trailer. I'm going to lose the surge brakes and go electric, so that's a fair amount of weight after the surge controller and axle come out. From what I've read, the axle alone is a beast. A standard 3500# axle with electric brakes and e-brake option should be significantly lighter.

Unlike many, it seems, I like the pintle hitch, so I'll be converting it to an A1 style lunette instead of the A2 brake controller. I'm also planning on reworking the tongue in order to make it a true dump trailer. Love that function, but the geometry of the A-frame attachment is not really designed for it and will eventually break with the twisting stress applied as the trailer rocks backward.

I already have a utility type camper shell with a nearly full length tool box down one side. Scored it cheap, and hauled it home on this trailer. It should work out well for enclosing the trailer but still be removable. And the tool box will make a good kitchen. I've been putting in overtime on Google Sketchup doing drawings and planning it out in my head and on virtual paper. It has worked out well to see what works and what doesn't before I go spending a bunch of money outfitting / upfitting it. I'll post up some pics of what I'm thinking and let people criticize, er, I mean critique the plan. :D


Here are a few views of what I'm scheming . . .

That tube looking thing at the top of the shell is representative of a rolled up awning.

Somebody's gonna say, "Beadlocks on a trailer? What's up with that?!" It's all about uniformity and versatility. I plan on having 8 identical tire/wheel combos (both Jeep and trailer have their own spare). That should get me out of just about any tire trouble I can foresee getting into, and also cover me if I want to use the trailer with another vehicle.

And now partially setup . . .

That's a modified military surplus aluminum boarding ladder on the tailgate. Of course the tailgate chains have to be modified also in order to allow the tailgate to lay flat. Also, don't have a view drawn yet with the spare tire carrier in it's open position, but it's a 90* swing-out design.

Inside, you can see a cot hinged to the side of the shell. It is designed to fold in half lengthwise so that it can stow against the side of the shell, out of the way. When it's down, there is still plenty of room for one (or two really friendly people) to bed down on a foam or air mattress in the bed of the trailer.

The shelf, that forms the kitchen counter will stow inside the trailer and fit's nicely against the back side of the tool box, so it won't take up any appreciable space. The sink just sits in a hole in the counter-top so it can be removed and stowed in a box with other items, maximizing space. It will simply drain into a 5 gal. bucket.

No, that's not a microwave in the toolbox, it's a propane camp oven made by Camp Chef. The red and silver things are a couple of different stove models also by Camp Chef -- a 2 burner, and a 3 burner that has a center grill section.

I'm thinking of mounting an outdoor shower sprayer like you'd find on a slide-in camper or travel trailer in the space to the left of the toolbox. I might also mount a polyethylene potable water tank to the bottom of the frame, above the axle like some of the generator trailers had mounted fuel tanks. That way the shower sprayer could provide running water to the kitchen sink for food prep and/or cleanup.

And with the Roof-Top Tent deployed . . .

It's hard to see, but I've designed in a UHMW turntable so that I can stow and haul the tent lengthwise to the trailer, but then if I want I can pivot it 90* in order to deploy it to the rear of the trailer instead of the side. This will obviously allow the trailer entry to be sheltered in the event of inclement weather, or if the folks in the tent just want to be less separated from the folk(s) in the trailer, or even in the vestibule, if there is a need for that much sleeping space. Those are solar panels out front.

Constructive comments are welcomed. Help me think of what I haven't thought of.
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Looks good! You put a lot of thought in this and it looks great. There are a ton of trailer builds over on expeditionportal.com.
Thanks Cambo. Yeah, it kind of consumed me for a little while there. I've looked at a LOT of those builds on Expedition Portal for inspiration and ideas, as well as what doesn't really fit my purposes or style (or budget! :)). I imagine this will be a slow buildup doing just the bare essentials and then adding a little as it becomes necessary. But at least I'll have a plan to go by.
Nothing new to show, but got my 5.13s installed yesterday. Taking it easy during break-in, but seems to be back to it's old self now. Me likey! :D

BTW have the front (only) 4.10s for sale in classifieds. Just posted tonight.
Thanks Cap'n. See Post #38, Picture 3, Paragraph 3:

The shelf, that forms the kitchen counter will stow inside the trailer and fit's nicely against the back side of the tool box, so it won't take up any appreciable space. The sink just sits in a hole in the counter-top so it can be removed and stowed in a box with other items, maximizing space. It will simply drain into a 5 gal. bucket.
Installed a Poison Spyder C Pillar Kit last night and this morning. Will have to wait a few days for paint though.

Hardest part was trimming the roll bar padding, covers, and carpet to fit. Oh, And I used a set of internal tube clamps to make the uprights removable in the future if need be, so that added some time to the install but actually made a cleaner installation because i could just cut holes for the upright tube rather than having to split the carpet and roll bar cover from the edge, then try to sew it up behind like is shown in the Poison Spyder install pics.

I'll have some pics up in a few days after it's painted. I'm going to use one of the uprights as a mounting point for my PowerTank. Also considering trying to find a local upholstery shop to make me a set of covers for the C Pillar uprights, similar to the existing ones. Or, could just do it myself if I can locate the right fabric.

Now where's that PowerTank . . .?
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