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2012 JK Gauges not reading properly

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I'm hoping to get some help at this point with something weird going on with the gauges. I've spent hours and hours scouring all the forums and haven't been able to find anyone with a similar issue. Here is what's going on:

About a week ago the tachometer stopped reading properly, about 500-900 RPM's low at all times. Then, a few days later, the speedometer went haywire. It started pointing straight down when the engine is off, then does move to the left when driving as it measures the speed. It does seem to be working, but the needle isn't matched with the right numbers and just points to the space at lower part of the gauge face. Then, finally, the gas gauge went. it was reading 3/4 of a tank when full, then, when I did an ECU reset with my OBD JScan, it went to showing full at all times. I did do the instrument cluster self test, and all the gauges show to be operative, but the needles for the tach, speedo, and gas are miscalibrated on their sweeps during the check, i.e. they don't sweep from beginning to end of the numbers on the gauges.

Here's an image of what's happening while driving, note the OBD Jscan TrailView to the right for actual road data.

Speedometer Steering part Car Tachometer Gauge
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^^^ This should help.
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