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Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping someone may be able to give me some advice. I'm installing a Viper Alarm into my 2011 JKU without the CANbus module.

*Disclaimer: In hindsight, I totally wish I would've gone with the module but the salesperson assured me that I didn't need it...

The issue I'm experiencing is with the lock/unlock feature. I'm currently using the output from the alarm brain to generate the negative pulse (Lock @ 330 Ohms; Unlock @ 100 Ohms). I first wired both to the driver's door harness (above the disconnect in the lower kick panel so I could still remove the doors). The locking feature would work but unlock wouldn't. I then decided to try connecting one to the passenger side. For whatever reason, that allowed both lock and unlock to work. I then finished the install and set the alarm for the night. However, when I disarmed it this morning, the unlock was no longer working.

I've read where some vehicles require running the pulse through relays so I may give that a shot, but I'm also thinking about biting the bullet and just getting the module. Any advice would be very much appreciated (aside from "You idiot. You should've gotten the module in the first place"). See disclaimer above.
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