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Hello everyone I am new to this forum I recently just purchased a 2008 Rubicon with 60,000 miles on it it was a Canadian vehicle. right off the bat I had issues with the stereo Uconnect dealership replaced it under their 60-day 3000 mile warranty they offered me.
12 days later I came out to start the Jeep on a Friday afternoon and the wipers went on and I had no dash lights turn signals or gauges they told me they would have to send it to a Jeep dealership to have these items diagnosed and fixed.
after 35 days of waiting the Jeep dealer told me they had to replace all the wiring harnesses in the Jeep due to the previous owner splicing into them to run accessories.
I have now waited 40 days and they said that that did not fix it and that now the gauges need to be replaced.
I'm coming up on making my second payment on this Jeep and waiting for it to be returned so I can go on my planned elk hunt. Every forum I read about similar issues is its the TPIM causing this problem. The Jeep dealer does not care for the Chevy dealership I bought this from and I feel like they are just guessing on fixes and taking their sweet was time and I'm stuck in the middle. Some of my friends say I should be glad I will have a jeep with all new stuff but I worry something will be missed when reinstalling everything and that I should dump this heap as soon as I get it back.
I am very glad chevy dealership is paying for repairs under their 60 day 3k warranty but am upset I am making payments on something I can't use. The more read about JK problems the less I am wanting one. This is my 3rd wrangler but previous 2 were YJ and no big problems to deal with. Thought i would go with a 4 door for family fun but its turning,into a nightmare.
Anybody else have a similar problem with theirs.
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