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Hello, I am new to JKO (I own a TJ) but i a posting this for a friend who has a 2008 JK Sport.
I was wondering if any one had the complete factory foglight harness schematic?
The front driver harness was ripped off (right at the bottom of the frame rail where the smaller wire loom meets the larger one at a "T") while offroading. I was able to rewire the Foglights, but there is 4-5 other wires in that harness that I can not figure out where they connect to. I recovered the Harness and the only thing that it connected to was the OEM foglight. The dash warning lights like ABS, Traction Control are all on, and disabled.

Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Also mods if this is in the wrong area, please move it.
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